Moody girl.

Simply the best online store for made-to-order formal and wedding gowns, evening wear, party outfits, and the latest casual trends.

About Us

We are a small team located in Ormeau, Qld a short drive to the Gold Coast.

We aim to provide a quality and personable service while offering a wide range of fashion-related garments to inspire confidence in women!



Wedding Fashion

Our wedding and formal dresses are made-to-order. By reading the garment description, you are able to access custom sizing and stunning design for largely discounted rates!

Casual wear

Shop the latest trends with the latest crop-tops, cocktail dresses, evening wear and more!


From necklaces, rings, anklets, premium watches and more; We have a little something for everyone. Buy a gift for your loved one or something special just for you. You deserve it! 

Popular Outfits

Ready for Summer?

Taking names

Strawberry pop 

Summer crop

Hardcore denim

Long silver evening gown

Create Your Own Style

Moody girl is a brand that can represent the girly girl days, the wild girl nights, and the prestigious Queen you are on your special formal or Wedding day!

Latest News

Due to COVID-19 we are currently employing extreme health and safety measures to ensure a risk-free experience. You may see new and different products as we compete with the influx of larger organisations flooding onto online platforms. As a small business, we appreciate every loyal customer. Stay safe and healthy, and we hope to bring you the best outfits for future events!



It's August already and we haven't forgotten about our favourite fashionistas! Check out our brand new trending styles and designs that will be made-by-order for our very deserving MmGirl ladies. We have a new huge range of cocktail dresses, formal gowns, and other...

Jan 2019

Jan 2019

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text] 2018 was filled with amazing and bold fashion trends that have made an impact on all classic styles in store. In turn, we can predict more risks and edgy style as 2019 sets sail on the horizon. Summer is already making itself known...

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