It’s 2018 and its time for change. MmGirl is here to say that Women, just like Men, aren’t defined by our gender. We don’t post outfits that cover you from top to toe because its ‘appropriate’, and we don’t post outfits that show everything that the media says Men like to see of us. We find the outfits that real Women love, whether it’s a short dress because you have killer legs, or an oversized coat because being comfy is the ultimate sensation.

One defining difference between MmGirl and other popular clothing and accessory retailers is not only our product selection, but the way we represent these products.

You will never see our garments given stereotypical female names. Although we understand companies use these names to focus marketing on Women, the message is clear that it puts us in a range of categories that we don’t always relate with as an individual.

We don’t have ‘boyfriend jeans’, we have ‘Lounge-around jeans’, and although this seems like a small difference, this difference is a gradual and peaceful change to our culture for the better.


The common visualization for boyfriend Jeans is that Men (generally speaking) have always had comfier clothing with less contoured designs to fit well and feel good. Meanwhile, Women are often marketed jeans that are famously hard to wiggle into, have features and designs that accentuate parts of the body the media drives to be ‘ideal’ and ‘desirable’ to the opposite sex.

Now don’t get us wrong, you can still be pretty in pink, you can still represent as a Queen, or wear those pants that show your great booty, but the difference is; When you shop in our store we won’t sell you a dress called ‘date night’ for your significant other. We provide Fashion to YOU, and how you want to represent yourself as an individual.

This might not seem like a big deal to most companies, but we aren’t most companies. We don’t want to work hard to provide a social ‘norm’ and stay within guidelines because we’re told to.

We don’t want ‘nice clothes’, we want you to leave the house saying ‘MMMMmmmmmGirl!’