Vibrant styles and colours are the raging new trends in fashion apparel this winter and this winter storm doesn’t look like it will die down any time soon.

It’s in with the hot pink, purple, red, lavender, burgundy, white, orange and blue fashion statements to help you brave that sweater weather, while looking confident, chic, beautiful and fabulous, and out with the usual go-to winter colours like black, navy and grey.

We won’t sugar coat it. We know that farewelling those warmer seasons can be tough and switching up your wardrobe to find that perfect style and the latest fashions to compliment those upcoming cold and chilly days, while feeling cosy, confident and comfortable, can seem overwhelming.

But there’s no better way to beat those pesky winter blues than by discovering the huge collections of beautiful garments, accessories and fabrics on offer at this time of year. Here at MmGirl we have the solution! A huge range of high quality lavish garments, stylish accessories and designer apparel guaranteed to make you feel classic, timeless, inspired, beautiful, fashionable and confident.

This winter, coats are trending on the fashion market, with Australian women seeking out coats of all styles, fabrics and colours to add to their winter wardrobe. Beanies and berets are also making a comeback and we love it!

So whether you’re searching for a timeless classic to see you through the next few winters or something cosy to nuzzle your nose into or even faux fur or something simple yet trendy. We’ve got you covered with our online clothing and accessories collection for all your winter fashion needs.

Currently we offer a stunning Faux Fur high fashion winter coat from our Premium Design range for you to snuggle up in for only $90.00. Inspired by a Givenchy design on recent runways, this coat comes in one colour, white with black and light brown. Wearing faux fur you can be sure to dress in the latest fashion without animal cruelty. Pair this gorgeous coat with a beautiful dress and heals for a night out or over a top and jeans for a day at the shops or over your work clothes.

Our Premium Styles are shipped directly from our design and manufacturing team abroad and are specially selected to reflect the latest 2018 styles and trends!

If you’re seeking something warm and simple, but something that will make a fashion statement, check out our calm and neutral Pink Winter Cardi or our Black Winter Cardi that goes with everything for $45.00! Made with gorgeous cruelty free (wool free) acrylic blend these cardigans are designed to sit beautifully with all outfits this winter. Pair it with dresses, tops and jeans for a whole new winter look.

Don’t forget to check out our range of Vogue beanies. Choose from a range of colours, including red, blue, black and grey, at only $12! This gorgeous and highly fashionable wool-free acrylic blend beanie will get you through the many winters to come.

Want something to complete your look? We have a whole range of fashion jewellery this winter, perfect for any chilly day, rain or shine!

Here at MmGirl we believe that women should have the confidence to be their beautiful fashionable selves. To have the power and confidence to wear what they want and when they want. Women have got the power and they deserve it!